The goal of the Calvinist Cadet Corps, based upon Luke 2:52, is to help boys grow spiritually in all areas of life, – devotional, mental, physical, and social – by providing Christian men with a uniquely designed structure, program, and materials so that they can mentor boys effectively.

The South Grandville Cadet club meets Wednesday evenings during the school year from 6:45.m.-8:15p.m.

Cadets is open to boys in grades 3rd through 8th grade.


A typical meeting begins with opening ceremonies followed by announcements.   Then Cadets split up according to grades to have a Bible lesson from the Quest magazine.   Once the lesson is done, the Cadets have a project to work on.   These projects include a variety of skills including woodworking, leather craft, merit badge projects, and many more.   The cadets are then allowed game time only if they were able to finish their projects.

Special Events:

Some past events have included Berlin raceway outing, Chuck wagon, Father-son winter camp-out, Pinewood derby races, the Cadet-o-rama, and the points auction.

Motto and Hymn: “God Seeking Us”

Verse: “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them” Ezekiel 34:11

Code: A Cadet is reverent, obedient, compassionate, consecrated, trustworthy, pure, grateful, loyal, industrious, and cheerful.

Pledge: Thankful to God for His gifts to me, I pledge myself to be ready to serve God, my parents, my country, my church, and my Corps.


-Gabe Neve (head counselor)

– Ben Netz

-Jim Alkema

-Paul Streelman

**Feel free to contact us at or or by calling the church office at 616-534-5413!**