Posted by Steve Vos

The God we’ve come to know and love in Jesus Christ excels at generosity. Unworthy, undeserving people (that’s me and you and everybody else) have been on the receiving end of His immense kindness and saving grace. The Lord has been good to us in vast and amazing ways—daily bread, daily forgiveness, daily gifts of faith, hope and love.

As people who have been on the receiving end of God’s great generosity, His blessings need to flow not just to us but through us to others. Generosity in thought, word and deed ‘fits’ us. It demonstrates the presence of Christ in us. Generosity unleashes the ministry of the church. Growing in generosity will transform us. Let’s explore ways in which we can make and keep generosity as a way of life.


1. August 7—Generous Encouragement

2 Corinthians 1:3-7

Is talk cheap? It can be. But don’t underestimate the power of well-chosen, Spirit inspired words to make profound differences in the lives of others. We have so many opportunities to bring fresh, timely encouragement to people who need it badly.


2. August 14—Generous Justice

Isaiah 58

Poverty sucks the life out of millions of people. Food runs out before the month runs out. Needed medications are too expensive. Heating a home with a kitchen stove risks fires. Low incomes make survival a struggle. Is that our problem? The Lord says it is.


3. August 21—A Generous Spirit

1 Corinthians 13:7

Life is hard on many people. They are bruised and bloodied and beaten, often by circumstances beyond their control. The last thing they need are more critics. What they need are Christians with a generous spirit. Love protects the wounded.


4. August 28—Generous Choices

Luke 3:7-18

It’s tempting to take advantage of people when you’re in a position of power and influence. John the Baptist insisted that genuine repentance means just the opposite: you look out for vulnerable people.


5. September 11—Generous Communities

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

The Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts across the church. Nobody gets missed or left out. The gifts you’ve received from the Spirit aren’t just for your benefit but for everyone’s benefit. We need your gifts. We need you.


6. September 18—Generous Attitudes

Romans 14:10-12

Life is usually hard for those who, for whatever reason, are perceived to be ‘different.’ Far too often far too many people feel like leftovers. Here in the church Jesus wants us to take that pain away. ‘Accept one another.’